Holster Gator

  • $30.00

Check out the Holster Gator. Do you carry in your vehicle?  Do you want safe and quick access to your holstered firearm by your bed or at your desk?  If so the Holster Gator is what you need. 

  • Do you drive  while carrying concealed and think to yourself: Damn this pistol is grinding my hip!
  • Do you go to bed at night and lay your pistol on the nightstand?
  • Do you need a way to store your holster and pistol together?

Holster Gator allows you to easily and rapidly mount your holster in many different locations. Using a patent pending design, the Holster Gator uses the belt clip attached to your holster to secure your holster to the mount. With a simple sliding motion, your holster remains secure in the location of your choosing. The pressure created between the gripped belt clip and the body of your holster is what keeps your holster secure. 

Advantages of owning a Holster Gator:

  1. Conveniently mount your holster and pistol in various locations such as: Vehicle, Boat, UTV, ATV, Bedside, Under a Table or Countertop, Under a Desk, Gun Cabinet, Gun Closet, Wall, Locker, Showcase, Plane, Helicopter and other locations of your choosing.
  2. The Holster Gator can be orientated to your specific needs. This allows you to draw your pistol rapidly when seconds matter the most.
  3. Once you mount your Holster Gator, you begin to develop muscle memory. Your movements to obtain your pistol become repeatable. During high stress situations, muscle memory kicks in and you can take confidence in knowing that your holstered pistol is exactly where you wanted it to be; seconds matter in these situations!
  4. Storing your pistol within its holster is much safer than storing your pistol naked. While holstered, your trigger remains protected.
  5. Holster Gator is manufactured to be durable. We only use American made raw materials specifically designed for high impact ratings.
  6. Each Holster Gator you purchase comes with a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE. If it breaks, send it back to us and we'll replace it.

VHB Tape Instructions:

The use of VHB Double Sided Tape requires you to follow the directions below precisely in order for a proper bond to occur. If you skip any of the steps, the tape will fail and a proper bond will not happen.

*This VHB Tape should only be applied in a warm or hot environment. If your temperature outside is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, please turn the heat on in your vehicle and let it get nice and warm inside. We've found that running your floor heat works best. Gas is expensive so plan your mounting. Drive your daily routine with the heat on the floor and when you return home, leave the car running and perform your mounting to the exact directions listed below. We want this to be a success for you because the Holster Gator is awesome!

  1. Clean the area that you've chosen to mount your Holster Gator to with the provided Alcohol Pad. Let this area dry for at least 5 minutes in dry air. If it's humid or raining in your area, let the area dry for 30 minutes.
  2. Clean the back plate of the Holster Gator with the provided Alcohol Pad. Let this area dry for at least 5 minutes in dry air. If it's humid or raining in your area, let the area dry for 30 minutes.
  3. Remove the backing from one side of the tape and place on the back plate of the Holster Gator making sure you do not touch the tape surface. Once applied, press the tape firmly into the back plate using a rubbing motion with your thumb. Make sure to massage the entire surface of the tape, pressing down firmly.
  4. Be sure of the position you want your Holster Gator as well as the angle you prefer. Test fit the Holster Gator before removing the remaining tape backing.
  5. Remove the remaining backing of the tape and press your Holster Gator onto your desired location.
  6. Press the Holster Gator firmly and maintain pressure for two minutes. Repeat the pressure for two minutes at 20 minutes intervals for 1 full hour. You should have three instances where you're applying pressure for two minutes in 1 full hour.
  7. Do not load, tug on, or hit your Holster Gator for a full 24 hours. Give it one full day to just hang out. No holster, no pistol.